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Saree is one the clothing Indian women admire. It suits women of any size, shape ,color or culture. Every little detail from the color to design , style to model makes a Saree unique.
The length differs from five yards to nine yards. No matter where you are from ;Indian Saree will bring the beauty in you. One can blindly accept the fact that Sarees are never out of fashion. They have always been a cultural attire in India. “I hate wearing a Saree” said no woman ever.

Saree Collection 2018
From Kerala to Rajasthan and from Gujarat to Assam, every state has their own style of draping a saree. So far it has been noted that there are 30 different styles of draping a Saree; which is so interesting and also give women to choose a style of her comfort. The most popular styles are Nivi style from Andhra Pradesh, Nauravi from Maharastra, Gujarati style saree has been among North India mostly Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Bihar, Gujarat; This style of saree is most worn during Navratri or as an costume for Gharbha dance.
Sarees has been in trend these days. Styling it has been an interesting job to both the designers and women. The eye catching patterns ,prints , and various ways of styling it has been a hype amongst the youngsters. Bold reds, royal blues, peachy corals, bright yellows; the color palette may vary from year to year but were never out of fashion.

Indian Wedding Sarees
No blouse? No problem! Wear to white shirt and a bright colored saree and some junkie jewellery to pair with. Voila! You are both modern and traditional at the same time. White shirt as blouse has been in style for a good amount of time now.Someone who loves to experiment can give try to saree with sporty jackets, a pant style saree for a concept look, a retro style for a vintage look, an open pallu throw some heels and you are ready for your friend’s reception or may be a yellow georgette saree for haldi ceremony. Prom? Don’t worry, Wear a bright colored saree , make sure your hair is done and there you go! Ready to rock the dance floor.
Khanjivaram Silks, Georgette, Rayon, Crepe, Cotton, Bandhani, Arani, Handlooms the list goes on but never ends that’s magic of a saree, It will always embrace your beauty.



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